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A Dance of Masks DLC is out now!

Greetings, Pathfinders! We're excited to share the news that the final DLC in Season Pass 2, A Dance of Masks, is finally out! Head to the rebuilt after fire Kenabres to spend time with your team at the festival! Enjoy the festivities and unravel the plot of the mysterious guest who has arrived just in time for your arrival. Complete your team and evaluate your skills in the arena. Celebrate your victories in the tavern, but don't forget to save your energy for a romantic date with your significant other. It's time for a well-deserved rest and new achievements!

Watch the Launch Trailer:

To get an invitation to the festival, you'll need a save from chapter 5: wait for Arsinoe to arrive at the Drezen Citadel after the coronation and be ready to head to Kenabres. Or start a new playthrough as one of the new 11 archetypes, enjoying new features and gameplay styles!

We hope you have fun playing A Dance of Masks DLC, and the full dialogue voiceover will help you enjoy the experience even more!

You can purchase A Dance of Masks DLC separately: Steam EGS GOG

Or in the Season Pass 2: Steam EGS GOG


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