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The Winners

Greetings Pathfinders!

You never cease to amaze us. We have received many great creative pieces for the contest, and it was not an easy task to choose the winners. After some discussions within the team, we decided to award four prizes. Three of them will go to the incredible artists and one - to the author of a deep and touching story. All of them have different styles and visions. Here they are:

- Reagan Hawke (fan art - kitsune bard)

- Katherina Lavric (fan art - ratfolk ranger)

- Mort Foland (fan art diptych - kitsune swarm-that-walks)

- Sam Shults (an adventure fan-fiction, you can read it here)

We’ll send each of the winners an email with further details on how to get their prizes. Also, each winner will be able to choose a design of which one of the three races they want to be printed on their T-shirt.

Hurray to the winners!


All news

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