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Crusaders, Assemble! Beta and Community Quest Launch Today

Hello Pathfinders,

You may have thought that the Beta launch would be enough of big news for one day, but we have much more stocked up for you! Prepare for some surprises.

Guess you are yearning for new visual content. That’s why along with Beta we are releasing an epic combat gameplay trailer. Please make yourself comfortable and enjoy:

Also, in celebration of the beta launch, we’re now starting the big interactive “Choose Your Own Story” Community Quest!


In Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, you will lead the Fifth Crusade, battle with demons, meet loyal companions, acquire incredible power, and make choices that will decide the fate of the entire world. To see if you're ready to shoulder such awesome responsibility, we've prepared a special quest – a series of five choices that will determine the fate of the Hero and the crusaders, as well as the plot of the final game trailer. You and the other participants will jointly decide what path the Hero takes.

The first event will be a Twitch game. It will begin this Friday, February 5, at 2 PM CET / 5 AM PST. You, our fellow crusaders, will have an opportunity to come together and choose between two options to determine the protagonist’s moral alignment and the story’s cinematic conclusion. Vote by clicking buttons on screen (via Twitch Extension) and moving your virtual Paladin and Lich avatars, which represent the inner demons residing within the heart of the protagonist. Will the story’s hero break the staff of the Necromancer or use it to fulfill his selfish desires? The ultimate decision depends on which avatar crosses the finish line first. But stay alerted - the game won’t go as simple as that, as there will be some hindrances along the way.

Visit the website hub to find the details and stay tuned to the community's progress! Once the first event takes place, we will soon reveal the details on the next part of the Community Quest.

Members of the Owlcat dev team will sometimes go on air during the game, to talk about the beta, answer your questions, comment on the game situation and have fun with chat. Also, expect massive giveaways in the chat ;) And to set a great start to the show, we’ll have a very special guest. Cohh Carnage will join us at the very beginning, so make sure not to miss it!


To Arms!


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