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Happy International Women’s Day!

Hello Crusaders!

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. We wanted to say something inspirational to the female part of our community, but instead, we decided to give word to some prominent members of the Fifth Crusade!

“Continue to fight even when it seems that you’ve lost!” — Irabeth Tirabade.

“Follow your dream! Don’t give up even when everyone tells you it’s impossible!” — Arueshalae

“Believe in your friends. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but together It’s way easier to find a way to fix them!” — Seelah.

“It’s alright to be afraid to make a step. Everyone is afraid sometimes!” — Ember.

“Enjoy what you do.” — Camellia.

“The whole world is your hunting ground. Have fun.” — Wenduag.

“Get rid of everything irrelevant!” — Nenio.

“If you’re still kicking — you’re doing great!” — Anevia Tirabade.

“See something interesting? Fly to it!” — Aivu.

“Remember — you already have the power to change the world around you!” — Queen Galfrey. 

Happy International Women’s Day!

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