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Community Quest: Finale

The Community has made its choice, and the Community Quest has officially ended. Let's see where the adventures led our heroes.

Power is a temptation, which the Commander managed to resist. After the lost spirit leaves this world, the glow in the trophy scepter glows dim, and the Commander feels a strange clarity of thoughts - he knows exactly where he needs to go. He moves forward almost as if his feet knew the road, and soon the party sees an ancient temple. In descending twilight the travelers see soft light coming from inside, and they realize - this will be the end of their journey!

Our heroes enter the temple. It’s dark inside safe for the single source of light - a shining pillar of light in the middle, surrounded by stained-glass windows. As the Commander approaches the light, he remembers the glowing words on the menhir: “Only by waking up the inner power, the one true to his heart can close the Worldwound”. Commander reaches out towards the pillar, and suddenly the light envelops him, and all the stained-glass windows in the temple shatter, except one - a glowing figure of an angel.

Thank you for participating, and stay tuned for the trailer you helped to create!

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