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Beta Stage Two and The Release Date!

Hello, Crusaders!

We’ve been working hard on this, and now we are ready to show you our beta update! If you participated in the first beta, just launch Steam, and it will download the update. If you are new to the beta and haven’t installed it yet, please activate the code you’ve got from your Digital Download tab on our portal as a new product in Steam. For those content creators, journalists and bloggers, who keep an eye on our updates we have prepared a pack of new assets in our Press Kit. But before we proceed, we have a very important announcement -

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous release date

Yes, we are finally ready to announce when we will ship our game. Our estimate during the Kickstarter was June, however, with your valuable feedback accumulated during the alpha and beta stages, we have decided to move the date to give us more time to properly implement some of the suggestions and polish the overall experience. So the release date is officially September the 2nd. We apologize for making you wait a little longer, but we are hoping it will be worth waiting!

Also, if you want to support the development and see your name in the credits, you can still do it! And if you are a backer with the appropriate pledge, and one of your rewards is writing your name in the credits - hurry up and fill it in your profile, otherwise your name won’t be featured. If you encounter any issues, please email, and we will help!

Now, let’s see what’s new in this brand new beta.

Better visuals, art, and sound

Our beta now looks much better, with finished art and improved visuals. Especially chapter 4! And you can stream it now! If your audience is not afraid of spoilers, of course, because pretty much everything in that chapter is a spoiler :) Because of this we kindly ask you to be careful when you discuss the beta on social media, forums, and discord. Please respect some players’ desire to avoid spoilers until they play themselves on release, hide your spoilers and keep important plot twists to spoiler sections of forums and discord. If you are streaming, please warn your audience that they will encounter some spoilers while watching you play.

Back to the improved visuals, the weather effects have become much more interesting and diverse. We are hoping they will make your journey into the Worldwound much more memorable!

We also added the voiceover for some important dialogues in the first three chapters! We are hoping you will love how our voice actors are bringing their characters to life!

And the music of course - we’ve added multiple new tracks to make specific parts of the game even more memorable.

Friends and lovers.

Some of your companions now look much better with their new character models. Wenduag’s spider legs, Daeran’s golden locks, Woljif’s unruly curls, and Arueshalae’s beautiful wings - we are hoping you will love their new looks!

And speaking of Daeran, he may start paying your character more attention now, as we’ve added the romance with him! Additionally, we’ve fixed some bugs you previously encountered in other romances. So your commanders can expect major improvements in their love life!

Stretch goals come true!

Not only Daeran romance and more music are waiting for you - we worked on implementing other stretch goals as well!

Now you can adopt your own dinosaur (if your class allows an animal companion, of course)!

Loremaster and Winter Witch prestige classes are ready now! You can read more about them in one of our previous updates.

Some classes now have unique racial archetypes we also promised: Phantasmal Mage (Gnome) for Arcanist class,  Reformed Fiend (Tiefling) for Bloodrager, Spell Dancer (Elf) for Magus, Student of Stone (Oread) for Monk, Purifier (Aasimar) for Oracle, Wildland Shaman (Half-Orc) for Shaman class, Imitator (Human) for Slayer, Nine-Tailed Heir (Kitsune) for Sorcerer.

The intelligent weapon mini-companion we had as a stretch goal is finally ready to show himself. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss this cheerful fellow! Read more about him in our previous update.

Another stretch goal - dismemberment! - is also ready. Tear your enemies apart! But please keep in mind it will make some battles quite a mess :)

UI and tutorial.

We’ve improved the UI and reworked the character creation, and also added some lovely new art. Additional options to customize your commander’s appearance have also become available, along with new voices and portraits.

We’ve also updated the interface of the crusade system and the tactical battles.

Much has improved in our tutorial system, and hopefully, it will be more helpful now, especially for the players not familiar with Pathfinder. We can’t wait to hear from you what you think about it! So, please go to our discord and tell us about it :) Additionally, don’t miss our new beta survey, which will begin in a couple of weeks. Your feedback is very important for us, and will help us make our game much better on release!

Various fixes and improvements.

We’ve heard your feedback on some battles being too easy, and we adjusted their difficulty, specifically for some bosses and mini-bosses.

We’ve heard your complaints and taught the party not to get stuck in the doorways.

Also metamagic and merging spellbooks will no longer ruin your caster’s life.

We’ve also fixed many other bugs, and you can read the full patch notes here.

Beta means incomplete.

We would like to remind you that although we are getting closer to the release, the current beta version still contains some unfinished and unpolished parts:

  • you may encounter various issues with class reactivity in dialogues
  • some archetypes have not been implemented yet
  • some items and abilities may not work as described
  • the crusade system is still work in progress
  • some parts of the interface are still incomplete and unpolished, like global map and some parts of the crusade system UI. You may also encounter some bugs when you level up, or with the tooltips
  • you can encounter various issues with graphics, like flickering shadows
  • you may encounter various bugs with animations

And of course, you may encounter bugs. We encourage you to check our instructions on how you can send us your bugs so we could process them as fast as possible. Don’t forget to check the known issues first - if your bug is on our list, you don’t need to report it, we are working on fixing it already!

One more thing - regarding the mods.

Even though Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is still in beta and incomplete, there are already some mods out there. If you use mods, please don’t send bug reports from the modded game, or if you do send them, don’t forget to mention what mods did you use or what did you change, if you edited your save, for example. We respect our modding community, but at this moment our priority is to ensure our game works well without any modifications.

If you encounter any issues with beta...

Please check the instructions on how to report the bugs first.

If you have issues with accessing the beta or your account, please email

If you can’t access beta chats on discord of beta forum, please open a ticket in #contact-staff on our discord server, and we will help!


And of course, today we will once again dive together into the adventure with the new version of the game. Join our studio stream at 7 PM CEST/ 1 PM EDT / 10 AM PDT, the address is usual:


Happy crusading!

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