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Hello, Pathfinders.

For some time now we’ve been getting multiple requests to allow you to upgrade your tier to include Beta Early Access, and today we have good news for you!

We’ve added new functionality to our pre-order portal ( which allows you to upgrade your tier to include the beta. Those who pre-ordered a Boxed Edition will also be able to upgrade to Collector’s Edition and Premium Collector’s Edition.

In addition to that, we’ve added the Beta Early Access to every Kickstarter tier higher than Early Access. This means that everyone who backed on Kickstarter or pre-ordered Wrath of the Righteous at a tier equal or higher than Early Access, will get the Beta Early Access automatically when the beta stage begins, you won’t need to take any additional actions to get your beta code.


And here is a short note on how to upgrade your tier:

1. Go to your personal account at

2.  Open the Purchased Items tab (it will open first by default)

3. You'll see the Upgrade button next to the tier available for upgrade:

4. If you press the button,  a pop-up will appear, you'll see the tier's cost and the amount of money you need to add to upgrade. Just press the green button.

5. Then you will get to the order page, you will be able to pay right away, pay later, or cancel the upgrade.

That's it!

All news

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